Any Benefits to Having Belly Fat?

Well, yes … if you’re Colonel Gaddafi!
Did you know? Omar Gaddafi didn’t want the Libyan people to perceive him as an old man. It was reported that in 1995, he had belly fat injected into the wrinkles on his face to look younger! He opted for this procedure because he felt that plastic surgery would be too obvious.
The procedure was performed by a well-known Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Liacyr Ribero in the middle of the night. Some reports say that Gaddafi refused anesthesia because he feared assassination, and others say it’s because he wanted to be alert. And get this, he got hungry and had a hamburger in the middle of the surgery!
This isn’t intended to take belly fat lightly. But having some belly fat just might be beneficial. Just sayin’… 🙂
But seriously, having some body fat (even in the belly) is essential. It protects our vital organs and helps maintain the right temperature in our bodies, and these are just some of the benefits.
Fat is fat, right? Not really. There are two kinds of fats. Subcutaneous fat is fat that you can pinch with your fingers as it is directly under the skin.
Then there’s visceral or abdominal fat (aka belly fat, love handles) which is fat that’s embedded a lot deeper, and distributed in the breast, liver, kidneys and mostly around the stomach. Stomach fat is the most dangerous of them all. So take the test here to see if you are at risk, and need to lose belly fat naturally immediately.
The amount of fat typically stored depends on gender, genetics and age. Our bodies process fat differently as we age. Women have more body fat than men, but because of hormonal differences, men tend to carry excess visceral belly fat around their waist which is dangerous.
Continually remind yourself that the best gift you can give your loved ones is to stay healthy and be around to enjoy family and friends.
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